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From Body Hacking to Body Positivity: Which Way to Go?
Free Webinar

Do you believe:

  1. That weight loss is basically a factor of calories in/calories out?

  2. That anyone who is determined can lose weight and keep it off through appropriate diet and exercise? (Except maybe you?)

  3. That exercise is the best way to speed up metabolism?

  4. The best way for heavier people to improve health is to lose weight?

  5. That heavier people eat more than thin people?  

  6. The most important variable for weight loss is will-power?

  7. That most heavier people eat for emotional reasons?

If you missed the live event, you can view the webinar below
The power point presentation is also available by request. 
If you answer yes to any of these, please watch this webinar to learn what science is actually telling us about these issues.

Trouble viewing? view on YouTube.

There are so many schools of thought out there about related to how to feel good in and about your body from body hacking to body positivity. It can be overwhelming to know what to believe and where to begin. If you or your clients have been struggling with
concerns related to body image.
This presentation if packed with information that is actually evidenced based. Although much of this information has been around for decades, people will still tell me that it's the first time they've heard some of these facts.
Copies of the Power Point presentation are available by request
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