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I'm a little uncomfortable floating my own boat and hope I don't spring a leak! But I know how much more confident I feel when someone tells me that a workshop is worth my time and money. So here goes:

Read what people have said about my workshops

Common Therapist Mistakes (Ethics workshop is available on demand through The Knowledge Tree)
  • "I feel like this was a perfect workshop. The presenter was engaging and the content was beyond helpful. I have heard of the Gestalt Empty Chair technique before, but seeing it in action in the presentation brought it into a whole new light for me. I, for the first time, can see myself truly implementing this technique in my practice and helping client's grow." - KL, LPC

  • "I am touched by the level of attunement and compassion Dr. Buchanan shows toward client and therapist. This was a fantastic workshop, I am retired but keep my license active. I am reminded how much being a therapist is for our own lives as well as our clients. Thank you. Dr. Buchanan." - CM, LCSW

  • "I read/studied Linda's book, used her workbook and did group consultation with her for 2 years. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!" -T.J.

  • "Excellent presenter with ample knowledge. I appreciated the demonstration and strategies. I loved the different perspective in dealing with oppositional and dependent client statements." - CM

  • "I very much enjoyed this workshop. It is quite possibly the most fun ethics workshop I have ever gone through. I greatly enjoyed this training and will be telling my peers about it for future ethics trainings." -CB, LMSW

  • "Linda shared excellent illustrations for the key points from her seasoned career. Thank you!" -KB, LPC

  • "She is brilliant, clearly highly experienced. I love all her case examples. Thank you for such quality trainings!!!" - TMJ

  • "The presenter kept me engage. The tools learned were practical and can easily be incorporated in any treatment modality." - NAK, LCSW

  • "Dr. Buchanan was very engaging. She used humor, normalized common therapist experiences, and also gave us tools to change our common responses to avoid making mistakes. The role play was outstanding and I enjoyed the "group" work." - DT, Psychologist

  • "She seemed like a caring and humble therapist who was willing to let us know that she has made some of these mistakes as well and that we are all learning. It reinforced my knowledge about not letting the sessions become a power play or a back and forth. That I don’t need to be working harder than the client." - TT, LPC

  • "Fantastic presenter with practical application!" - WS, LCSW

  • "Great teacher and clinician! Linda was authentic, vulnerable, and helped me feel at ease and engaged." - JH

  • "So, so much more than an ethics workshop!!! -C. F.

  • "Yes definitely the best ethics workshop I’ve attended!!!"- J.W.

  • "Awesome insights and instruction!" -M.B.H

  • "Absolutely the best ethics webinar!  thank you so much! -L.M.

  • "This was so helpful and the best Ethics webinar I have experienced in years!" -T.B.

  • "This has been the most awesome ethics workshop I have ever had!!!!!" -M.L.

  • "I have been using some of your strategies with my addiction clients. It's magic!" -M.G.

Helping Clients Rewrite Their Stories from a Narrative Perspective (Can be found on demand at TKT)

  • "Thanks so much Linda for the great workshop!"

  • "Love the way that you conceptualize shame and guilt...puts into words things I have thought, and since learning it from you, it's been very useful to use with clients!" 

  • "This was great and thank you so much!" -T.H.

  • "Dr Buchanan, thank you very much for this excellent workshop. Much appreciated". -S.M.

  • "Thanks so much! It was a great training". -R.S.

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