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Now Offering Virtual Group and Individual Consultation


Ever wonder why some clients seek you out for counseling, devote hours of their time and pay good money ... just to avoid doing what you know would be helpful?

This happens due to ambivalence about change. Since most clients experience some ambivalence about change (otherwise they probably wouldn't need you), therapists need good skills for helping their clients resolve ambivalence. I have written and presented on the topic of dealing with resistance (framed as ambivalence) for many years and I offer individual and group consultation which focuses on specific strategies for getting unstuck with your clients by helping them resolve their ambivalence.

My credentials:

I have been practicing as a licensed psychologist since 1993

I’ve been supervising therapists for over 30 years

Trained over 150 interns, and

Supervised up to 20 therapists at a time at the Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders

Currently offer five consultation groups as well as individual consultation.


Consultees receive a complimentary copy of my book A Clinician’s Guide to Pathological Ambivalence: How to be on Your Client’s Side Without Taking a Side and my Ambivalence workbook and Narrative workbook as we utilize concepts and techniques from them in our discussions. I am available for Distance Consultation through Zoom.

I utilize many strategies and theoretical perspectives but particularly like using narrative therapy as a tool for change. Click here for information about an on demand 5 hour CEU workshop on narrative therapy that I did for The Knowledge Tree, here for a 5 hour CEU workshop on ambivalence and here for a workshop on common therapist mistakes.

One of my goals is to help prevent therapists from feeling frustrated, ineffective or the need to refer out when working with their resistant clients.

See below for endorsements of my consultation.

Consultation for Mental Health Clinicians




Dr. Linda Buchanan is an incredibly gifted clinical supervisor. I had the very fortunate experience of being a supervisee of Dr. Buchanan’s during my doctoral and post doctoral training in psychology. As a supervisor she has an ability to help the clinician understand all sides of a clinical dilemma- both the patient’s conflict and also the clinician’s conflict. I have been grateful throughout my career for the good fortune of learning under the supervision of Dr. Buchanan.  An opportunity to engage in supervision with Linda is like winning the clinical lottery. Anne Moore, PsyD


Dr. Buchanan provides a great balance of both support and challenge for supervisees by encouraging independence and confidence while also providing availability, empathy, and expert guidance. I learned so much from her personally and professionally and her supervision guided me toward a fulfilling path as a clinician. Angela Schaffner, Ph.D.


I am indebted to her for providing such excellent clinical supervision. I would not be where I am in my career as a therapist without her guidance early on. I love helping individuals to resolve the ambivalence that keeps them stuck, and I can't wait to check out her new book! MaryAnn Green, RD, LDN, LPC-MHSP


Dr. Buchanan has an amazing capacity for empathy with clients. She is able to put herself in someone else’s position both intellectually and emotionally. In supervision, she often demonstrates by role playing which allows the Clinician to experience the power of her empathy. Tharpe Click, MS, LPC, NCC


There are two things I especially appreciate about Dr. Buchanan’s supervision. The first is the breadth of her knowledge and experience, which allows her to move seamlessly from discussing higher-level issues such as the therapeutic relationship to discussing the finer details of a particular technique. The second is her clear approach to supervision: Rather than confine our discussions to the specific issue at hand, she always seems focused viewing that issue in a broader context; this means I’m getting not only guidance on this case but a framework for becoming a more effective therapist. Taylor Trussell, APC


What I like best about supervision with Dr. B. is that she is able to share her wealth of knowledge and experience in practical ways that bridge the theory-to-practice gap that often occurs in educational coursework. She gives suggestions of how to phrase challenging topics with clients, and their families, that has enabled me to be “on their side, without taking a side”, help them come to their own conclusions, and work with ambivalence. Carlyne Moody, LMSW


During my one year of internship, under direct supervision with Dr. Buchanan, the experience has been truly rewarding. Her commitment to teach, guide, and explore various counseling techniques has helped me develop my own sense of style as a future professional counselor. Her compassion to promote growth through awareness, freedom, and challenges has given me the confidence to pursue my future goals in the mental health field. You will receive the highest level of leadership under her supervision! Su Jong Chang, Psychotherapist Intern

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