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Consultation for Businesses

Do you have employees that you think are not reaching

their full potential and thus may be

negatively affecting your Bottom Line?



When someone doesn't live up to their potential, it is likely due to their own ambivalence regarding their abilities. Ambivalence often flows from the narrative which a person carries around that can be full of falsehood such as "I’m an imposter”, or “I’m not good enough.”


Hire me to train your employees to become aware of how these narratives impact success and satisfaction in their job. By understanding and resolving ambivalence, your employees can increase motivation and productivity.

This program goes beyond the power of positive thinking and gets to the

heart of the matter with brief but powerful evidence-based interventions.

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Virtual Trainings:
Full Day Workshops
or Weekly Coaching
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Participants will Learn To:


            Identify narratives that interfere with performance

Challenge and change narratives

Identify common manifestations of ambivalence such as: 


 Black and White Thinking 

 Difficulty Making Decisions

 Unhealthy Perfectionism


 Lack of Motivation

 Under Achievement


Recognize ambivalence as it relates to change

Learn Strategies to reevaluate inaccurate beliefs

Improve Motivation


I utilize a mixture of written and experiential exercises in a highly structured approach
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Why Choose Me?

I know what it takes to help people reach their full potential!
Within two months of graduating with my doctorate in psychology, I opened my own business -- The Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders (ACE). ACE grew from a small practice to outpatient programs, day programs and a recovery residence in four locations around the Atlanta area. I owned this business for 25 years and then sold it in 2017. I've gained incredible knowledge on how to motivate people to do their best in normal times and in times of great change. I will apply my skills as a psychologist and business owner toward these goals for your employees as well.
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