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I'm Not Good Enough

How the Stories You Tell Yourself Are Ruining Your Life!

Do you ever feel like you're not good enough in some way?

Do you compare yourself to others and feel like you fall short?

Is life not turning out the way you thought it would?


If you are struggling with feelings of insecurity of any kind, it may be that you are being influenced by a "story" that you developed in childhood.  This story may have been guiding you, sometimes without your awareness, ever since.  We all begin forming ideas about ourselves, others and the world from an early age based on a combination of factors such as our circumstances, the age that we experienced significant events and our level of physiological sensitivity.

One of the saddest things I encounter in my work as a psychologist is to hear about the painful experiences people have lived through and then watch as they create the same pain in their adulthood due to their early false beliefs.

Do you ever feel ambivalent - like the very things you wish for, you are also afraid of?  Do you find yourself wanting things to be different but not making changes?


Stories we tell ourselves that contain false scripts can produce ambivalence in our lives about how best to get our needs met.  Say, for instance, that you want to be married and have a family but you believe that people can't be trusted and will eventually leave.  You are experiencing two opposing needs; to have a family and to protect yourself from rejection.  Opposing needs will create ambivalence as to how to interact with others.  Consequently, the need to protect yourself from rejection creates a guardedness that may actually result in people leaving; this then affirms the belief that people will leave.  This is referred to as a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Sound confusing? It is and it can have life-crippling effects.

How can this book help?

After working for 30 years as a psychologist, I have learned so much about what prevents a person from having the life that they yearn for and deserve.  This book will help you understand how you developed a story in childhood to guide you.  This story may actually be full of fallacy and causing you unnecessary hardship in adulthood.  If so, it is as if you are presently being guided by a child who was attempting to make sense of your unique experiences - but from a child's perspective.  It is my goal in writing this book that upon reading it you will:

  • Develop a clear understanding of how your story is impacting your life

  • Identify the falsehoods embedded in the story that you created growing up

  • Develop a new story that can change the course of your life

  • Learn how to rewire your brain

*This book is currently in process.  Please contact me for more information.

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